SOLVING THE BACKLOG of collection inventory

Millions of objects in museums storage facilities are not yet registered digitally
Fast registration of collection items is now made possible.

Quick Cataloguing
Steps are:

1. Registering key data according to the J. Paul Getty Object ID standard

When collections are digitized based on these key data, they can be reviewed as a whole. After analyzing, selected choices of importance can be made to add detailed information such as:
2. More images, High Res, 3D, Video, Sound, etc.
3. Extensive data to each object such as provenance, use, context, etc.
4. Related documents to each object such as valuation-, insurance-, and conservation reports
5. Process information like loan, deaccessioning, storage, transport and more 

NUMBER 1. is the key problem if one wishes to solve the backlog problem

SOLUTION: the UniqueCollection APP (UC) for iOS and Androïd

WHY? All key data and pictures can now be entered on location - including GPS data - in the quickest and easiest way possible.
Even people with minimal instruction can enter the minimum necessary data e.g. registering a simple number and subsequently take a picture with smartphone or tablet.
Data are uploaded when Wi-Fi is available and to be completed by educated staff at a later time.
Built in GPS automatically records the place
 where the object is located (e.g. excavation or storage)

AND all stored data can easily be imported in ANY professional Collection Management System (CMS) used in the present market.

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The UC APP is developed by Foundation

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