How to overcome the problems of time and costs of digitizing collections

Main issues
Budgeting for digitisation.
There are key budgetary considerations for digitisation projects.

If you are undertaking a project, the following costs will need to be considered:
• Staff time
• Staff training
• Digitising equipment
• Create a security copy of your master files 

Our experience with a wide variety of museums resulted in the following conclusion: their first need was to solve the backlog of collection inventory. The 'publishing' quality (high res Images) was  - at that stage - not yet relevant.

Ease of work, staff time and equipment was the first problem, storage and back up the next, followed by storing high quality photographs or A/V.

First the proper inventory with images, and - in a next stage - storing the additional quality pictures. This process turned out to be practical and economical.

In concert with our users - foundation and Instituto Latinoamericano de Museos - developed an integrated system for offline work with our UC APP that synchronizes the key data with a central database. A Cloud service that allows unlimited curators and registrars to work in the museum owned CMS, and guaranteed back-up. Work can be done on any location.

No investments, no expensive computers, just access to the Internet, and applied authorization levels to each staff member (and even interns).

The result is not only a quick digital inventory, including relevant and object related documents, it also provides an immediate way of publishing collections on the Web.

Just selecting objects, and mark them 'published' will show them to the public using a template adapted to the client user. Or, showing the collection within the museums own website.

Exhibition example as generated by the CMS:

Thanks to the cooperative work with museum professionals in the Netherlands, Costa Rica, South Africa and the Russian Federation our foundation managed to provide this tool at lowest possible costs.

We invite you to work with the APP and CMS.
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