Founded 2000 Foundation was founded in 2000 by Cees List (1939 - 2014), Floris Guntenaar and Iwan Baan.
Paul Mijksenaar designed the earliest application interfaces.

The Collection Management Systems Survey 2017 was our last project.

Since the Foundations objectives have been achieved, the advisory board decided to close down all activities.

However - sponsored by - all 46.729 collection items inventoried by different entities, will stay available at our website.

All current projects are prolonged and supported by, and for the Latin American region by

Present and future use of the CMS - as provided to third parties - is guaranteed in line with the same conditions as agreed with the Foundation.



Please Note: In regards to the new data protection laws, confirms that all of the 15.441 newsletter address data are deleted from our database on Monday 21st of May 2018.